Terengganu or locally called as Tranung is located at East Coast of Malaysia. For years, Terengganu has been known for its unspoiled islands. Perhentian Island, Redang Island, Kapas Island to name a few has been flocked by many tourist for its beautiful beaches and marine life.

But Terengganu has much more to offer.

The unspoiled forest of Terengganu are home to many floras and faunas. Its river streams flows with crystal clear water that could not be found in other parts of Malaysia. The mountains of Terengganu are facing the South China Sea which resulted in unique mountain ecosystem compared to other mountains in Peninsular Malaysia.

Ashton P.S in the Malayan Nature Journal stated that:

The Terengganu Hills are rich in endemic species and are also interesting
phytogeographically because their flora is known to show similarities to the flora of Borneo rather than to that of the Main Range on the west coast (Ashton 1992)

Equipped with certified Tourist Guide and certified Nature Guide, Jenoba Outdoor wants the world to see and appreciate this unbeknownst side of Terengganu.

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